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Contributors Forum for IASA community Locked Topic 0 V. Jade IASA is presently looking at IASA Full Members to contribute towards the following upgrades in ITABoK. Involvement will be on regular basis and qualified by our BoE and Chapter Committee.   Pl send your comments, interest to and indicate your area of interest.   1.1 Capability Guidebook The capability guidebook is an industry reference model for architects skills and competencies. It provides a comprehensive taxonomy of skills which must be gained by an individual who would like to become an architect. Each capability is described in depth with reference to industry knowledge, experience levels which map to career path milestones, learning objectives and experience guidelines. In addition it contains reference guides for and mappings to academic progression, employment and existing industry frameworks maintained by other organizations. Capability Taxonomy - capability structure and relationships Capability Descriptions - capability description, knowledge elements, skills and learning objectives Education Reference Guides - Education reference for academic mapping and accreditation Framework Reference Guides - Industry reference for framework mappings 1.2 Engagement Model The engagement model is a non-proscriptive model which defines and encapsulates an architect teams method for interacting with an organization or customer. Architecture Engagement Model Overview - a detailed description to get going with the IEM Architecture Goals and Principles - the goals, objectives and principles which guide the model Architect Role Descriptions - the organizations role descriptions for individual architects by type and maturity Architect Processes and Lifecycles - The architecture lifecycle and how the roles work Architecture Deliverables and Models - The deliverables and models the architects utilize and create Architecture Tools - The tools the architects use to deliver on engagement Industry Reference Models - Industry reference models and frameworks in use as a part of the engagement 1.3 Career Management Guide The career path management guide gives the structure and reasoning behind the Iasa Career Path and links it to essential aspects of hiring and managing architecture teams. Architect Career Path - Describes the average career path of an architect including specializations and career achievement milestones Credential Management - Describes the methods applied to credentials, how they interact and accreditation schemes and rules Compensation Management - The baseline compensation and benefits policies used for architects based on industry, organization type, career level, and region Job Descriptions - Downloadable job descriptions for architects throughout industry Industry Reference - Survey and research into architecture careers by industry
by V. Jade
Friday, April 17, 2015
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